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03/07 arrival

Hello everyone,Friday afternoon we took the train to Zaventem, the lovely people of the Don Bosco Church in Buizingen came to say goodbye. (Super friendly)Our adventure began from minute one when we checked in for our airplane. Apparently long beards (such as hans) are not allowed to pass without a fight. Anyone could easily check in except Hans. His proposal to shave his beard was of no use to the situation. Finally the desperate air hostess let us depart to Frankfurt and from there she advised us to contact Qatar Airways.After an exuberant flight and a marathon at Frankfurt Airport towards the Qatar desk, we came to The identification that our travel agent made a mistake and that Hans really had no ticket .... how is this possible ? Inconceivable, indeed!After much calls back and forth between Qatar - Qatar - Lufthansa - Illion Travel Halle the verdict fell, heartbreaking, we had to leave without Hans and he was forced to buy a new ticket. I didn't understood how this is possible, because I had the prove of our tickets.... After the local clerk had promised me to take good care of Hans and our travel agent Illion Travel told they were investigating what was wrong we took obligatory our airplane without Hans. I must say his calmness was admirable. Hans took a later flight, Sunday morning he would arrive in Kathmandu. After this history, we arrived in Doha, where the desert dust caused a very bad visibility. The terrible heat at 6:30 AM in the morning after a chill airco trip was a thick pill to take. After a new flight of 4 hours we finally came in good health to the refreshing Kathmandu. Karma and Dawa welcomed us with open arms along with a horde of Nepalese people hoping by carrying our luggage to win money. Luckily I already had experience with this situations from last year. In our Hyper-big-van we disappeared into the chaos of Kathmandu traffic. Again in the monastery we were received with open arms. We were assigned rooms in their new guesthouse, we can proudly say that we are their first guests. This guesthouse was sponsored by local donations and will later serve as a source of income for the monastery in order to relieve Pema Dorjee so he could go to the next project work. Having funny friendly chats we had our beautiful elegant rooms and a fine DALH delicious meal. Pema Dorjee La also phoned to hear if we have well arrived and notified us the happy news that he is trying to do everything to meet us during our stay in Kathmandu.Now we leave you to catch up our sleep, tomorrow morning I go with Karma to the Kathmandu Airport where we will welcome Hans with our four open arms and a big hug!