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07/07 More salty rise with milk

Today I stayed in bed. Yesterday at noon I became very sick. A little bit earlier as expected. But I was mentally prepared. Sow yesterday we all had a very very big culture shock. Seeing a violation of human right from so close is crazy. Something we can not imagine in Europe!!
Today my Nepali and Belgium friends took very very good care for me!! I got rise with salt and milk again and I HAD to drink salty water (not the best thing to taste). While I tried to regain strength by sleeping. Kristof gave football, Melodie gave volleyball, Jonas Dr and Sofie gave juggling and pyramids, Olivier and Hans gave ping pong and Jonas De Leener took pictures and made some movies. After the sports lessons we gave theory about the body and about the importance of your own safety if you want to help people in an accident (first aid) we also learned them how to replace an injured victim
as well as how to check for breathing and heartbeat. We also learned how to move a victim into a save position. Afterward we went to Bouddhanath to meet Karma, we saw his lovely daughter and had tea in his shop/house. We also walked around the Bouddhanath stupa to get some good karma. We ended our day without electricity. Good night!