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05/07 first sportlessons

Here we are again, what a luxury every day we can update our blog through wireless Internet. Indeed Tinlee the future head of the monastery has installed wireless internet. Wonderful!To return to the mysterious surprise that Hans brought us yesterday.The luggage of Hans and Jonas Dreesen was mixed up. This means that Hans his bag arrived earlier in Kathmandu before he did unfortunately. And Hans traveled with the luggage of Jonas Dr. (They had promised us everything would become in ordre). Hans arrived but without luggage. This means that the baggage of Jonas Dreesen had disappeared. But to prevent unnecessary anxiety we didn't want to worry Jonas his parents yesterday. We were reassured that that the luggage would arrive yesterday evening. But this was not the case. To our great joy Jonas Dreesen has finally found his luggage today thanks to good care and help from one of our hosts Karma.
This morning we started to organize the groups and the distribution of the t-shirts we got for free from BVLO (which our greatest thanks). The other t-shirts that we got from the youth service in Halle, we will distribute in the mountain village. The monks also got new shoes and shorts, they were very very pleased.Afterward we started our sport sessions. Melody gave rope skipping, Kristof football and I Yoga. The others provided the necessary photo shoots. Hans and Jonas Dreesen recovered the bag at the airport. After 3 hours sport. We have given the monks a theory lesson, in Nepali, on hygiene. Thanks to the DVDs of the project Kids on top. After the necessary hygiene tips we headed toward the pool. Yes, in Nepal they also have pools to our big surprise. The younger monks were allowed to swim there together with us and Tinlee . I think I have the first under water picture of a Buddhist monk. The kids loved it just like us. Afterward we made a great hike to get to know the environment. We finished the our walk back in the monastery where we received again a delicious diner! The youngest monks even got some extra food because they were so hungry from “swimming”. We ended our day with a basic lesson on Buddhist philosophy from Tinlee and his friend Tups. Tomorrow we go .... hmm the names are so weird here. So tomorrow a full day excursion with the monks to celebrate the birthday of HH Dalai Lama. But first we will attend the morning prayer, so alarm clocks are at 5:20 brrrrrr too soon! Goodnight