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Welkom op onze Website - Welcome to our website

Support4Nepal is a small NGO that exists since 2009 with a commitment to make a meaningful and lasting contribution on a small scale in the fight against poverty in Nepal.

Support4Nepal falls under the Belgian statute of "4th pillar project" . It operates through self-collected funds, donations and through subsidies assigned by the city of Halle.

Our focus lies on sustainable development in Nepal. Doing this we strive for optimum effectiveness of our funds and donations.

Support4Nepal was founded by Brecht De Mey in 2009 after being invited by one of our partners, who is a respected Buddhist monk named Geshe Pema Dorjee, to Nepal. Since that time he developed several projects in close collaboration with our local partners, namely the Porong Pelmo Choeding monastery, the village committee of Ratankot  and the Green Tara charitable organisation.

Support4Nepal works project based. A dedicated team is brought together in function of each project in order to get the necessary knowledge and to achieve the effective implementation of our projects.

The main pillars within our project concern:

- Durability

- Participation

- Education

- Ecology

Current projects:
Giving a rebuilding training ( earthquake proof ) to the inhabitants of Ratankot.
Rebuilding the community hall.
Finishng the waterproject.


Update September 2016


Dear all,


We reached Nepal well and had some fruitful meetings with Shyam and Karma.


Our first challenge is to fix the road which is quite damaged from the heavy monsoon before we can start any project.


Next project will be to finalise the water project:


Bakor: install second 500l tank on the other side of the mountain so people have two waterreservoirs that will fill up during nighttime in the dry season.

Goimase: finished

Matilu Silku: finished

Sanu Silku: finished

Angeri Faith: intake and distribution tank finished. Pipe till house + personal tap still to be finished.

Chanchabad: intake and distribution tank finished. Pipe till house + personal tap still to be finished.

Nardangrang:intake and distribution tank finished. Pipe till house + personal tap still to be finished.

Bateodar: intake and distribution tank finished. Pipe till house + personal tap still to be finished.


Third project is to repair the 26 broken toilets and built permanent toilets for the people who got a temporary toilet during the time of the earthquake. Also we will provide material to repair the 15 damaged toilets.


Today we had a very nice meeting with Shock Safe Nepal team 4 from the TUDelft on our 4 th project. For this project we will start building our first earthquake resistent model house in Ratankot designed by Shock Safe Nepal. This 8 by 4 m building will later serve as a guest room for the village. Team 4 will document the whole building proces to have a clear analysis of the cost an labour. This documentation will later be used to organise a training.


The last project we engaged for is the rebuilding of the community Hall. The design for this earthquake resistant building was realised in collaboration with Intach Belgium. This building will make it possible for the villagers to organise their meetings, gatherings, ceremonies etc…


We send you our heartwarming regards,


Brecht and Manisha.




Ook danken we graag Sinergio om onze website ook in 2016 vlekkenloos te laten draaien, bedankt!!

Projects currently running:
Organising building (earthquake proof) trainings to the villagers of Ratankot.

Rebuilding the communityhall, this project wwill be used as a trainingsite.

Finishing the water project in Ratankot 7.