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Farewell ceremony Ratankot

Dear friends,
After an intensive mountain walk (to the bus stop), and a 5-hours bus ride, this evening we arrived back in the monastery in Kathmandu. To our great excitement, the monks had prepared a table full of welcome snacks and afterwards some delicious momo’s for dinner.
Looking back at our last days in Ratankot, we can say that the big meeting we organized with all the villagers two days ago was a big success! Approximately 200 villagers showed up, and with the help of a beamer and an (unexpectedly impressive) sound system provided by Pasang Lama we managed to grab their attention from minute one. Most important conclusion is that the villagers are very motivated to cooperate to develop Ratankot. More specifically, the support we received from the village committee for our water project (installing a personal water tap under the condition that the villagers install a toilet themselves) was fully confirmed by the reactions of the villagers. They even organized a voting to select a specific committee in charge of following up the water project locally. It was good to experience such warm feelings towards our project from the broad community.
Further, yesterday before noon we organized a workshop with the teachers about waste management. Again, we only received positive reactions, the teachers appeared to be motivated to implement environmental concerns in their teaching activities. Subsequently, more than 80 children showed up for the waste management activity we had planned for them, which turned out to be a very joyful event.
Today, in the morning we had to say goodbye in Ratankot. We received a typical Nepali farewell ceremony which was heart-warming. Ratankot receives a special place in our heart, providing the drive to continue investing a lot of energy in our projects!
Kind regards,
The support4Nepal-team